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Our award-winning team create compelling and immersive experiences that truly bring learning to life, so you understand more - and fast. 


Enjoyment and fun are the keys to effective learning for you, your colleagues and your business that influences positive behaviour. 


From escape rooms to impactful communications, see what we can offer your company and get in touch at info@xcapismlearning.com

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You are against the clock to Beat the Hacker. 

You must solve a series of cyber security puzzles to save your stolen project.

Beat the Hacker can be played individually or as part of a team.

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Make your communications standout with Comic Comms. 


Our range of short, bright comics deliver what you and your colleagues need to know using colourful images and simple language which make all the information instantly understandable. 


Comic Comms cover all the major threats to your online safety along with areas such as cyber security and data privacy. 


The range has been specifically designed to be used in any organisation regardless of the industry to help your awareness have a positive impact on your colleagues.

You play Jones, a government agent who’s had their computer hacked and secret project stolen by Philip O’Phish a villainous cyber criminal. He’s also locked you in your own house so you can’t escape to raise the alarm. 


Solve a series of cyber and privacy tasks that Philip has set around your house to get the code to Breakout! 


This online, animated game features learning on topics including: 

  • Password security

  • Encryption

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Unsecured WiFi

  • Data Privacy

  • Phishing

  • Safe social media


Breakout can be played anywhere from your laptop and can be part of an awareness campaign or as a mandatory training module. 

Breakout is narrated by Fran Scott (LegoMasters)

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Out soon

You can truly bring the Breakout: Cyber Escape Room experience to life from your home by playing Breakout: The Box. 


Covering all the key cyber and privacy threats you need to know, you’ll be sent a box through the post which features everything you need to complete the tasks and get the final escape code. The game also features a learning video which recaps the topics. 


Breakout: The Box is an immersive and memorable experience which will support in helping you remember everything you need to know to stay safe and you can play this with family and friends.